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The Sun Maris City hotel offers you an unforgettable holiday with its private beach, comfortable rooms and quality service. The hotel is situated 300 metres from resort centre and just 100 metres from the beach with Dalaman airport 95 kms away. Please note the private beach is in Icmeler and the hotel provides a daily shuttle service. Rooms at the Sun Maris Hotel have a bathroom, WC, shower, hairdryer, split air conditioning, direct dial telephone TV and a balcony or terrace. Facilities at the Sun Maris Hotel include a swimming pool, sun beds, parasols, reception and currency exchange.
Meals & Drinks...All inclusive buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant . Unlimited locally produced alcohol and non alcohol, soft drinks, hot drinks from 10.00 - 22.30 . Snacks available throughout the day.
"Hi there, to all would be holiday makers looking perhaps to book a holiday at Sun Maris Bea..."

Hi there, to all would be holiday makers looking perhaps to book a holiday at Sun Maris Beach Hotel in Siteler, Marmaris, Turkey.
I have just had 2 weeks there with my wife, my son and his wife and 2 kids and after reading the rubbishing reports from last year I was unprepared for the great holiday we had.

The staff were armazing nothing too much trouble and totally attentive to our needs. Don't forget to return their courtecy it pays off if you need a favour! The Restaurant Manager 'Ishak' and the General Manager were superb and Martin the 'All Inclusive' Barman was most attentive to our needs and kept the Rakis and the beer and juices freely coming . Pity the free beer isn't in pint pots tho' - still it was beer so that was OK !!.

The accomodation good and clean, bed and towel changes were regular. ( I always tip the girls 10 lira at the beginning of our stay to get the best service).
Only negative comment about the rooms is that the curtains are a bit short for the massive patio windows onto the small balcony - no problem with privacy though. Don't forget to take a sink plug with you as none are supplied in muslim countries where they only wash in running water. I take both a 1 1/4' & a 1 1/2' when visiting Turkey to make sure. Maybe a short clothess line and a few pegs for when you dry towlels and smalls on the balcony is a good idea too.

If you like a siesta in the afternoon an d want a quiter room, settle for one at the back we had 411 and it was quiet all day and night. Those who wanted to overlook the pool, at night they had the noise of the entertainment from the bars around the hotel to listen to - OK for the younger folks. Family rooms tend to be at the rear of the hotel so the kids don't get disturbed.

The pool is fairly large it is good and clean with a nice kiddies pool. Plenty of sunloungers but an early towel always assists. There are clean toilets by the pool, b ut note these as they are marble floors can be a bit slippery - so slip your flip flops on.

Food, always the most important point for 'all inclusive'. Great breakfast selection ? good selection of cereals and fresh milk plus the typical Turkish salad and meat based meal or, sometimes fried eggs or omelletes cooked fresh by the chefs. There is a good selection of juices and coffees even tea bags and hot water. Lunch is a varied selection of meats and veg, but for the salad loving folks there are tons to choose from. Afternoon coffee is served with cakes. At Dinner there were again varied meat and veg and salad dishes and an amazing pudding/sweet counter - dangerous for slimmers, I put 7lbs on this holiday ! The meat dishes during a week include several interesting chicken dishes and sometimes beef or lamb.

Please note that chicken in Turkey is 6 times cheaper than red meats, so unless you are want a 5 star 'All Inclusive' menu and want to pay for it, then the Sun Maris Beach Hotel is good value all the way round. For a change you can try the many restaurants in the area ? all compete with good quality and fair prices .


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"This was meant to be a honymoon, and it was spoilt by there not being a double bed or being..."

This was meant to be a honymoon, and it was spoilt by there not being a double bed or being able to push thr two single beds together.

When we were shown to the room they said if you need anything dial 9 on the phone to call reception but there was no wire on the phone. Also when we saw the balcony in the room you had to claim trough the window to get to it.

The food was terible chicken and salard everyday, the beer was wartered down and tased awful and the manager would not let you have more then one drink at a time after 9 oclock which is not very fair on someone like myself who has walking dificluties and relies on their partner to get them a drink.

The managements attiude was terrible when we complained about the food he just shook his fist in my face and started shouting at me and said well have you come here to eat or have a holiday you cant have both, I also complained about my partner not being able to get me a drink after 9PM and said it is difficlut for me to get my own with me having walking dificluties and he just shruged his shoulders and said that is the way it is,

I find this tottaly unaceptable. There was no hot water all week, no clean towels, and no clean sheets all week complained about this umpteen times but nothing was ever done about it. the shower flooded everytime you used it and made the floor very slipery and dangerous, we spoke to a woman there who had slipped because of her floor being wet after a shower and she was in a plastercask because she had fracterd her wrist and when she complaied to the manager he just walked off and ignored her all day which we thought was disgusting. All in all this was a honymoon from hell and would not recomend this hotel to anyone.


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