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From the moment you check in you will experience the attentive five-star service and impeccable hospitality that are the trademark of all Ozkaymak Hotels. Just as you would be welcomed as a respected visitor within a Turkish home, you are an honoured guest at the Oskaymak Marina. Designed to reflect the mood and atmoshphere of the Turkish Riviera, the hotels distinctive looks, with a soaring 6-story atrium, and its warm ambience will appeal to all. The hotel is located near the center of Kemer, a small town on the South Western Antalian coast. The commercial and shopping districts of Kemer are within walking distance of the hotel, while the much larger city of Antalya is only 40km away.
"Don't let the 5 stars fool you! Although the lobby and reception area were of the stand..."

Don't let the 5 stars fool you! Although the lobby and reception area were of the standard one would expect of a 5 star hotel, unfortunately the bedrooms and bathrooms left a bit to be desired with very small balconies. However, despite this the two pool areas were very good, with one area as a relaxing pool (home to most of the brits) and a pool at the other side of the hotel with day long thumping music, where the pool activities took place (Water polo, water volleyball, aerobics etc) frequented mainly by Russians who made up the 80% of the hotel's residents. Unfortunately this ratio meant that the kids club was geared towards the bulk of the clientele and our 4 year old could not really join in.
The beach area was not really used a great deal other than as a base for water sports as it was very stoney and there was a good deal of debris in the water. As the beach was also shared with a number of other hotels, bars and restaurants there was no room to spread out and relax.
The food was of a good standard for an all inclusive, with all of the meat dishes being cooked in front of you. Although there was liver on offer every night (and the majority of the clientele made short work of it) there was also plenty of choice regarding kebabs, lamb steaks and stir fries made from chicken and lamb. The choice of salads, potatoes and other accompaniments ran into the 40s each night with a similar amount available for lunch. Having said that I must have an easily pleased palate as there were grumbles from a number of other brits there who could not understand why they were not being offered T-Bone steak and Chips every night. However, eventually everything did end up tasting the same and we had one meal out in Kemer, which was a vey lively town at nigt. Despite there being over a hundred shops on the main (Pedestrianised) strip if there were more than 4 types of shop then I must have missed them.
Overall, I would recommend this hotel to couples (without kids, unless you are Russian) looking for a very relaxing break. And if you go, make sure you have a turkish massage right at the start of your trip as after the massage I was vaguely aware that there was something called work but didn't really care. Plus, the skin peel doesn't exactly make your sunburn feel any better

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