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4 out of 5
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From the moment you check in you will experience the attentive five-star service and impeccable hospitality that are the trademark of all Ozkaymak Hotels. Just as you would be welcomed as a respected visitor within a Turkish home, you are an honoured guest at the Oskaymak Marina. Designed to reflect the mood and atmoshphere of the Turkish Riviera, the hotels distinctive looks, with a soaring 6-story atrium, and its warm ambience will appeal to all. The hotel is located near the center of Kemer, a small town on the South Western Antalian coast. The commercial and shopping districts of Kemer are within walking distance of the hotel, while the much larger city of Antalya is only 40km away.
"Holiday was booked 6 weeks before, good deal, hotel lovely, whatlet in down was the food ser..."

Holiday was booked 6 weeks before, good deal, hotel lovely, whatlet in down was the food served ( all inclusive) Liver was served 4 nights out of 7. Only one choice of potatoes each night. No kids menu. If I went ot Turkey again I would go self catering as we ate out 4 nights could not face the food. Buses went outside hotel to take you anywhere. 10 Mins to shops. Turkish people very friendly. Would go back again, but to a English resort side, bodrum, marmaris etc. If you go feed to parrot in reception please. (Malton)

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