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Reviews for Kemer Resort, Kemer, Turkey


4 out of 5
4 Stars


5 out of 5
5 Stars


4 out of 5
4 Stars


4.1 out of 5
4.1 Stars
The Kemer Resort Hotel is situated at the point where the Taurus Mountains plunge into the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean Sea. It is a holiday Hotel offering a rich variety of five star services.
"We had a fantastic holiday at the Kemer Resort, and we would stay there again without..."

We had a fantastic holiday at the Kemer Resort, and we would stay there again without hesitation. Most of the guests were Turkish and German, however in the summer we were told that there would be more Engligh. The hotel was very clean and all the staff were very helpful and most could speak good english. The food was good and there was plenty of choice at meal times. There were many swimming pools including a indoor pool which was a good size. The only disapointmant with the hotel was that the evening entertainment consisted of bingo, old time dancing and live singers. We expected the evening entertainment to be of a better quality. Although we don't have kids we thought that the hotel would be unsuitable for families, this hotel seems more suited to couples. (Doncaster)

4 Stars
5 Stars
5 Stars
4.8 Stars
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