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4 out of 5
4 Stars


4 out of 5
4 Stars


4 out of 5
4 Stars


3.9 out of 5
3.9 Stars
The hotel is 500 meters from the centre of Kemer town, 1000 metres from the nearest beach and 65 Km to Antalya Airport. The hotel has 100 rooms including 9 suites, with a modern interior and exterior, and clean comfortable decoration and furnishings. The resort has 2 beaches and a good selection of watersports. There is a waterpark nearby and the hotel operates a shuttle bus to the centre.
"This was our first time in Kemer, having visited other areas of Turkey on several occasions,..."

This was our first time in Kemer, having visited other areas of Turkey on several occasions, we opted for a change. The area itself is not geared for Brits, more Russian, German, Dutch etc, but this had its advantages!! The shopkeepers did not hassle us anywhere near as much as in other resorts, I think because our European Cousins will not stand for it!! however I have to say that the prices were an awful lot higher than in 'Brit' resorts, and no prices were on display outside restaurants and Bars, which always puts me off and sets me on my guard. The beach is a thin strip of large pebbles although spotless and clear of rubbish, the Sea was crystal clear also.
The hotel is only 3 years old and very clean, with extremely friendly staff and excellent rooms etc towels and bedding were immaculate, and the maids cleaned every day!! Facilities are good, although the lack of evening entertainment was noticable, particularly when it rained!! On the 2 nights in the week there was entertainment it was noticable how well it was recieved with plenty of people dancing and singing along to the music provided by Turkeys answer to Julio Iglesias! great fun I must say, although I feel that what Brits there were there when we were got greater entertainment from the rather 'happy' German couple of 'camp' entertainers!!
There was no hassle with drinks or service, and a large screen TV by the pool bar showed Football and so on for those that were interested.
The food was fresh and of a decent standard, bearing in mind this IS Turkey, fresh salads, Turkish Meze, soups and fresh bread, with a chef grilling and cooking the evenings treat on a griddle in front of you.
All in all I must say that this was great value for money, and although a little quiet, I cannot really fault the hotel or staff, in fact they were very good and although we found Kemer not really for us, we would definately stay in this Hotel if we were here again.


4 Stars
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5 Stars
4.6 Stars
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