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Located in Beldibi Kemer, Resort Dedeman Club Belkoy is an " all-inclusive" system property for guests who prefer beaches and exotic deep pine forests.
"CHAPA TRAVEL LTD are the worst travel agency I have ever had to deal with. They failed to ho..."

CHAPA TRAVEL LTD are the worst travel agency I have ever had to deal with. They failed to honour my orignal booking and on arrival in Kemer, their local rep, NOYA Tours claimed that my reservation was 'overbooked'. How can this still happen in this modern day and age? Without option,I was taken to Club Belkoy which Chapa Travel market as a 4 star. This is never a 4 star resort, my room was very basic and dirty. It was also dangerous with a cracked and dislodged shower glass that hung precariously down. Despite my complaints, Chapa Travel failed to respond. Worse so, they promised to relocate me 4 days later and put myself and my two young sons throught the hassle and total inconvienence of repacking. Needless to say they never showed up and I had to endure the remainder of my holiday nightmare at Club Belkoy. This is an almost exclusively Russian resort with all entertainment and food geared towards the Russian nation. There is absolutely no childrens' or adult entertainment to cater for non-Russian guests and UK holidaymakers may wish to bear this in mind if they are looking to interact with other English speaking families. The all inclusive food is of a poor repetitive standard with the 'speciality' being grilled chicken. What is special about the grilled chicken? well you had to queue for 20 minutes for it and it was a special pink colour on the inside. Turkey Toilet Trots ! On return home, Chapa Travel do not even have the common decency to reply to letters of complaint and it is obvious that they do not value customer satisfaction or retention. In all honesty, I cannot recommend Club Belkoy in Kemer Turkey and I certainly do NOT recommend CHAPA TRAVEL Ltd. They are without doubt the worst Travel Agent I have dealt with.


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