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Top Rated in Rest of World: Stadium Waldorf Apartments Hotel, New Zealand, Rest of World

REVIEW BY: N Valid, Egypt - July 2011

We expected the room to be small in size so weren't caught and we were pleasantly found to see the spacious size of our 1 bedroom hotel apartment!

We were a little disappointed with our balcony view . We were very happy with the washer/dryer. When we ran out of powder we were provided with more!! That is an awesome idea which we highly valued as we were coming to the end of our trip.

The kitchen was very spacious and very clean with all the appliances and crockery. The bed was great and comfy and the sheets were always beautiful and fresh.

The bathroom was spacious and modern and spotless. It was refreshing to be provided with toiletries that weren't the same old cheap stuff! The towels were nice and crispy but not too crispy that it felt like sand paper!

The in room internet was free and SUPER FAST! I found the staff to be very polite. A genuine smile and hello goes along way guys.

Value for money was definitely there!!!I we paid only $130 at The Waldorf Stadium which is fresh and modern!

I would definitely stay again but will surely and will recommend the apartment hotel to my friends


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