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"I recently stayed in this place for my sisters hen party and all I can say is that the exper..."

I recently stayed in this place for my sisters hen party and all I can say is that the experience was horrendous.
My sister lives in kilkenny and booked this place so that all her friends could attend without having to travel far. On arrival at the boston bar we learned that they had taken another booking and so rooms were short. My sister had to sit down with the manager and organise rooms to accommodate all her guests. Gradually the guests started to arrive but faced more room mix-ups from the manager. Again my sister had to sit down with the manager and go through the room allocations.
The rooms were below standard. Two of the room doors would not close and lock. One of the guests, my sister's mother in-law had to tell the manager twice to send someone to fix the door lock. There was mould in several of the rooms along with a foul smell. Many of the rooms did not have hot water, the wardrobes contained broken items from the rooms and the showers were grubby with mould. My sister's mother in-law did not have any pillows and several of the rooms did not even have a simple bedside locker and lap. Many of the guests had no light bulbs in the rooms and one of the rooms had a bottle of vodka and a packet of condoms left in it while another had a broken picture above the bed with glass falling onto the bed below.
We also ate in the restaurant. The food was fine but the service was poor. A tray of drinks were spilt on one of the guests and a dessert was also dropped. A number of the guests were waiting for their starters and desserts when others at their table were finished.
Complaints to the manager about the quality of the accommodation were met with abrupt, aggressive and personal comments. We were accused of being a group of snobby complainers and were verbally abused by the manager. Five of the guests packed their bags and went home, two of which were pregnant and who were also verbally abused by the manager.
I would not recommend this place to anyone.


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