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Top Rated in Arezzo: Il Bagnese, Arezzo, Italy

REVIEW BY: M shreeve, France - July 2008

Rented 'Il Bagnese' in Italy via James Villas a 'best of' villa. We walked out within 1 hour of arrival. The place was filthy!!!

Mould on toilet seat, shower broken mould on curtains and around base, drawer units falling to pieces, scum line around swimming pool, microwave on top of fridge freezer, kitchen non-existant, etc....

Passports, we were asked to enter our full passport details onto forms in a file that was left on the sideboard, this file contained details of all previous guests and would prove to be very useful for identity fraud!!!

Have used them before and been very happy but when faced with a problem they did not want to know!!!!

This Villa does not reach the standard of the other 'Best of' Villas that we have rented.

With their attitude I will never be using them again.

Copies of letters and photographs in support of my complaint are available.
They have told me to take them to arbitration!! I have appointed a solicitor.

They just do not seem to care. I used to think having taken a number of holidays with them that they were a good company not anymore.

Il Bagnese, Alberoro in Tuscany - sold by James Villas

UPDATE 24/11/2008.
After an initial insulting offer for full settlement of £87.71p my solicitor sent a 7 days notice letter, on the last day a letter was received increasing the settlement offer to £325.43p. I have rejected this offer and given my solicitior instructions to proceed with court action.

Summary: Stay away from both Villa and Company.


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"Rented 'Il Bagnese' in Italy via James Villas a 'best of' villa. We walk..."

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