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Reviews for Whitehouse Apartments, Kalamaki, Zante (Zakynthos), Greek Islands


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"The Whitehouse Apartments are basic but ok. We were given a room on the top floor which is ..."

The Whitehouse Apartments are basic but ok. We were given a room on the top floor which is built into the roof. Access to this floor is via a thin metal fire-escape type of staircase built into the side of the building, the climb of which, for some, is a terrifying experience. This was not mentioned in the brochure nor was the aircraft noise from the airport which is fairly close by. There is no reception at the Whitehouse - the only point of contact is the maid who is very friendly and works very hard on her own; the owner visits occasionally - she comes the day after your arrival for payment for the safe and for the rental of a fan which cost 11 Euros! Around the apartments there are a number of smallholdings with animals and certainly in June an early morning cacophony of crowing cockerels was heard. We did not mind this as it was nice to see the various animals - sheep, hens, goats, turkeys and pigs roaming around the small fields. Other noise which was annoying was from the countless mopeds, scooters and quad bikes which are everywhere, some with ear-shattering exhausts! The apartments are on a small road off the main road but it is used as a cut-through by various vehicles. The beach at Kalamaki is fairly small and is about a 25 minute walk from the apartments. Restaurants which we found to be excellent were: Zepos, Michaelos, Artemis, Parthenon and Stani. We had a hire car from Merlis Car Rental - we found this company outstanding, they made the booking simplicity itself and were very efficient and friendly.


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