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Top Rated in Netherlands Antilles: Oyster Bay Beach Resort, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean

REVIEW BY: C Boswell, Carnforth - July 2007

This was a dream holiday destination. On arrival we were initially disappointed at not having sea frontage apartments, this lasted till we looked out of the window and saw the lagoon we over looked! At the other side of the lagoon was a marina, our side was just for wild life, and we saw plenty, from the pelicans diving just outside the window, to watching the Marlin swimming by. We chose not to hire a car as the taxis were excellent, tho the resort provided transport into Phillipsburgh and beyond most days.

Definitely going back this year, when we shall ask for the rooms at the back!The beaches were clean and you just had to walk in the sea to your knees to get fish swimming around your legs! There is a small grocery store adjacent to the complex, but best bet is to take advantage of the supermarket run the company provides or book a taxi to the hypermarket.

We chose to travel at the end of September which is just at the end of the hurricane season, we had a few squalls and some wonderful hot down pours but nothing to detract from a holiday dream, good weather far exceeded the not so good.


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"This is an all-inclusive resort and you would have to be a real picky eater not to find some..."

"This was a dream holiday destination. On arrival we were initially disappointed at not havin..."

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