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"I set off on this holiday with an open mind due to hearing a couple of bad reports. First o..."

I set off on this holiday with an open mind due to hearing a couple of bad reports. First of all if you are thinking of going to this hotel do not book with First Choice, I found out off someone else on the same holiday they had booked direct with First Choice and paid £1000 less than us.
It would also be worth considering to pay extra and upgrade to premium class with excel because this flight was awful with hardly any room, half of the headsets did not work and offhand cabin crew.
Upon arrival at the hotel we was allocated a room then had to wait for suitcases to be brought to us. A word of advice - take your own luggage to your room as we had to wait 3 hours for them to arrive, therefore, we could not get changed for dinner.
Accomodation was nice and clean however we were by the tennis courts. At night they would water the grass with sprays and it absolutely stank. Take a peg.
Restaurant was fine, some of the food a bit repatative but always found something to eat, I think myself and my family were one of the few who had no stomach problems whatsoever whilst we were there.
Pool area was very good, great for my daughter who loved it round there except on our second week the hotel decided to strip the swim up pool bar roof therefore if you did not have any sunshade for the day there was nowhere to get out of the sun for a drink.
Beach was great, however, the sea is too rough to go in to, some people did but I had met someone who had been dragged under and they did not think they was going to get back out.
The daytime entertainment was good, we had some really good fun with the staff, such as Frank, Felix and Juan Carlos.
Evening entertainment also very good, these guys work so hard all day.
We went on the Landcruiser Trip around the island which I can recommend and we also swam with the dolphins. We would have liked to have done the overnight trip to angel falls but with a 7 year old we was not able to.
The jewellery shop in the hotel is excellent and very reasonable. The guy in there is very good and knows his stuff.
A visit to Sambil shopping centre is also a must, loads of designer shops and great prices. A taxi there from the hotel will cost you around £3 pound.
Taxis are very cheap and the best way to get around.
We really enjoyed this holiday and I think it was the activities and evening entertainment that made it enjoyable. We will definetly go back some day but travel with eclipse or maybe even book with the hotel direct and find someone else who flys there apart from Excel from Hell!!!! (rotherham)

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