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"The report by Nikki Larsen exactly reflects our holiday (me and my girlfriend). First Choic..."

The report by Nikki Larsen exactly reflects our holiday (me and my girlfriend). First Choice brochure was totally false. Even our first choice rep was on the make with the old pounds/dollars/venezuela-bolivar currency black market, so be careful. Change your money at the bureau de change to get a decent rate (and take american dollars with you and get them changed there, dont buy venezuela bolivars from your home country!). Dont change with your hotel or rep as you will get 2/3 of what you get at the bureaus. We also took the jungle trip to venezuela (angel falls/ walking under waterfall, orinoco river trip) which was amazing and the only salvage to a truly regrettable holiday (but cost us an extra £500 to get that as it is a tour). I spent the first week ill, most people spent the two weeks on the toilet that we met, the reps blame the change in climate but the all inclusive food was clearly rotten, clearly yesterdays food rehashed and obviously not hygenically stored or prepared in any way. The canteen was awful, and if you want to be surrounded by venezuelan spanish people, who let their kids pee in the restaurant on the floor, and dont even blink an eyelid at them, feel free! it is like a prison. The rooms were nice and clean and insect free and plenty of pools and bathing space to go round. Oh and the all inclusive should include the drinks, but the bar stank, and the 'Beach bar' was a concrete slab by the beach with a coke machine. Nice! as a result we didnt drink. I recommend eating out as a full meal for the two of us with lobster was and wine was £16 and very nice in the restarants if you find a nice one. So much for all inclusive.

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