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Top Rated in Falmouth: Breezes Trelawny Resort, Falmouth, Jamaica, Caribbean

REVIEW BY: V gelder, Lancs - July 2010

Well, we booked this holiday 6 weeks before going, came home after booking and checked out the reviews and I was horified...what kind of place was I going to... I was travelling with my husband, mother and 2 year old son....i got there, 1st impressions were great, Omar collected our bags, got us a red stripe and was great. room was very clean, big and airy with a great balcony.

Over the course of the holiday I loved everyone at the hotel. On the 2nd day my mum (who just likes to relax on her balcony) called reception and said there was a tree in front of the balcony blocking the sun.

Within 5 mins, 4 guys were up moving her to a better room and balcony.(not many hotels would've done that) Restuarants were amazing the buffet bar is always fully stocked with something for everyone, they have a Japanese which the food and the entertainment is great, and an italian which do a mean fillet steak.

All are included in the all inclusive as are premium brand (jack daniels, southern comfort etc) the beach bars jerk sauce is amazing and i even got a big jar for coming home.

My favourite thing, the circus crew, they do a show every thurs night, these guys are amazing with the things they do, but the best bit, they have a trapeze (probably about 30-40ft) and give you trapeze lessons, omg, this was soooooo good took me 4 attempts but I got my legs up and over, yeah!!

We were travelling with my 2 year old son, who to be honest I was worried about the swimming pools, didnt need to be, a 1ft, 2ft, 3ft... something for everyone amazing and water slides.

On the beach there is a playground which he loved, they also have a private island just off shore, great.

The girls at the kids club are amazing - open 9-5 all free and gives us parents a little chill out time, he went in a few half days over the course of the holiday amd came back with pictures, braclets, he loved it and was asking all the time to go play with the toys.

I could go on and on about this hotel, and how good it is for everyone especially if travelling with young kids.....ignore all the bad reviews......cleaning is amazing, every day and give the rooms a good clean and cleaners are really friendly and give you a little hug and a chat everytime you see them.

The taxi drivers out the front are great, look out for Neish or Malcolm, amazing deals for all day and they hang about for you anywhere you go.

Would also recommend Bob Marley trip (even took the 2 year old) if you get Captain Crazy that is awesome, and Cool Runnings Cattemaran and Dunns River Falls is great....we got told my son woukld be able to do it, no way, however one of the crew on the boat (Skye) who helped him snorkel took him up the dry walk which allowed both me and husband to do the unmissable Dunns River Falls together, the guides here are amazing and at the top Skye the lovely guide who MY SON LOVED brought him back to us and he also had an amazing time.

In a nutshell, if you have just read loads of bad reports ignore them, its clean, food is good, restuarants are good, kids club and facilitys are great as are the entertainment.....oh and take a trip to Jerrys bar out the complex about 2 min walk, again took my 2 year old son, perfectly safe, the people down there are awesome and friendly so dont let anyone tell you not to go out the complex, get out and meet the people, they are great.

love it love it love it and cant wait to get back to sunny hot gorgeous Jamaica xxx


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