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Top Rated in Bahamas: Sheraton Cable Beach

REVIEW BY: J D HOUGH, Ravenshead - July 2005

We stayed at Radisson Cable Beach from 10 Feb 2005 to 17 Feb 2005. We were disappointed. Some of the staff were lovely but some were very rude and ignorant and often ignored us (we ticked fair on the above multichoice part just to be fair to the friendly staff.) We had booked all inclusive but had to hand over a credit card at check in. Virgin had made a mistake on our hotel coupon - we had paid for 7 people but the coupon only stated 6 so on checking out we were presented with a bill for 1013USD £549. We were very shocked and upset and showed the manager our Virgin invoice which clearly stated that we had paid for 7 people - the manager assured us that we would not be charged and that the hotel would take the matter up with Virgin. Wrong - the amount has been taken from our credit card - we did not authorise this!!! Watch out for chewing gum on chairs and under tables tables - I ruined an expensive dress. One day my husband could not use the men's toilets in the foyer as they were blocked and filthy. The sea was lovely and the views from the hotel room were great. We have travelled all around the world and several times to the Caribbean and this part of the Atlantic with no problems whatsoever - WE ARE extremely friendly, smiling, outgoing and polite people who love to learn about and gladly embrace other people's ways, cultures and personalities but we were met with unfriendliness especially from bar staff who would just grunt at us if we were lucky - if your face does not fit you will NOT receive friendly service. The main consolation is that Champagne and Baileys were served. We took a snorkelling trip with Bahama Divers and were asked to sign a disclaimer in case of death or injury (we have snorkelled all around the world and have never been asked to do this before - the trip was also oversubscribed) The whole experience has left us feeling disillusioned with the Bahamas whose landscapes (New Providence and Paradise Island) are not as beautiful as other islands and countries we have visited throughout the world. Sorry!! (RAVENSHEAD)

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