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Top Rated in Caribbean: Holiday Inn Sunspree, Palm Beach, Aruba, Caribbean

REVIEW BY: B Norris - September 2014

I have been there before with my wife and we have enjoyed every time we've gone. What a lot of people don't know is that the location of the Holiday Inn is perfectly situated amongst the High rise hotels. The Paseo Harencia Mall which is only several years old opened up right across the street from the hotel. This Mall offers plenty of things to do. Many restaurants to choose from, Brand new Movie theater, plenty shops to shop and nightly shows. The energy here at night along the strip which begins in front of the Holiday Inn is great at night time. Basically, a lot things revolve around this area without having to travel very far or cost you too much since you can walk around this area exploring.

The hotel itself has been recently renovated and it's looks very nice and inviting. The beach right behind the hotel is very cozy and convenient. Plenty of water activities to choose from or just good old fashioned rest and relaxation is available too. Like every where else you visit for the first time there's always a learning curve trying to figure out where to g0, what to eat, how to save money and discover hidden treasures in a short period of time. If you get a chance I would recommend checking out arubatriptips for pretty informative tips that might enhance your vacation stay, especially around the Holiday Inn and the High rise hotels. I found it very helpful.

Whatever you do make sure to use sunblock w/ an SPF of 45 or up from a brand name product. DO NOT FOOL AROUND WITH THE SUN. It can be pretty windy down there at times which makes it very deceptive, when the sun can burn you very Quickly. Anyhow, have a great time there. The staff in the hotel were very friendly like the people generally on the island.

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