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Latest review: Sunnyvale Rhyl, Conwy, Wales, UK

REVIEW BY: A millar - July 2014

Kimmel Bay is a beautiful location well served by camping and caravan parks. It is a great location for exploring north Wales and Snowdonia national park. Do yourself a favour and base yourself in any other camp site but Sunnyvale. The campsite is a concrete jungle with no atmosphere. Very little grass and feels as though your holidaying in a car park. While my kids were playing in the play park, It was nice to hear children speaking their native welsh language. Unfortunately they only spoke to my wife and children in English when they told them to F**k off. My sons skooter was stole from the decking area outside our van. The on site security were responsive and retrieved the skooter from a welsh kids on the site. Our gas supply was turned off in the night by the same people. Reported to staff at reception and they were apathetic and weren't interested. At the end of our two weeks I witnessed a bike being stolen from a neighbouring van. Again the site staff were uninterested and I assume its because its a common occurrence. There is a Fish and Chip shop on site. The quality of food was disgusting. The shop and club opened when they felt like it. You have to pay £50 deposit on arrival but on departure they have no one to check the van and you leave £50 out of pocket. They promise to call you and refund it on a card later. What if you don't have a card or need the £ for fuel to get home. My family didn't feel welcome at Sunnyvale and wouldnt recomend it. The staff were unhelpful and aloof.

"All in all this was the worst place I have ever stayed and would never ever go back"
"Another fantastic holiday at Auchenlarie"

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