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Latest review: Beaconsfield Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

REVIEW BY: J Sessions - October 2014

Me and my wife booked a week at this site taking our touring caravan, we went from Thursday to Thursday, The site itself is lovely set out and it is kept very clean, and the lake is beautiful. the main thing that won it for us was the fact they they had an onsite lovely restaurant and we were looking forward to having a celebratory meal here, but because of 'Lack of Information' on behalf of the site, this was not to be, We arrived on Thursday and was greeted by the Receptionist who gave us plenty of information, she told us the Restaurant was open Thursday, Friday, Saturday Evenings and Sunday Lunch. and to quote the sites website about the Restaurant 'The Bothy Restaurant is the perfect place to unwind on your break away.' unquote... we decided that we would go for Sunday Lunch, my wife went to the Bothy on the Friday (Day after we had arrived) to get a menu for Sunday Lunch only to be told that They were fully booked for Sunday Lunch, and there were no places, they get booked up weeks in advance. Nobody told us this when we arrived, there is no notification of this on the website, the only notification is that booking is advisable, also we found out that the Restaurant is open to none patrons, so its booked up by people from outside. you would think that this would be mentioned on the website, also you would think they would save some tables for people who are staying on the site as this is meant to one of the site attractions ??? the site fees are not that cheap per night and you pay the extra because the restaurant is part of the attraction to staying. Obviously if the Restaurant is booked up weeks in advance for the Sunday lunch, (as we were informed by the lady in the Restaurant) we would have had no chance of dining there anyway!!!, This should be stated in the website or asked if you would like to book a table when you book your site or when you arrive to pay your site fee... as we were leaving on the following Thursday, we had no chance of a meal at all. seeing as the restaurant was one of the main points of booking this site, we felt that we could have found a site a lot nearer home that is just as nice without a Restaurant. don't think we will visit again, when we asked the owner he just said 'Well it should say on the Website that you 'Have' to book early, well it doesn't, and if that was the case, just HOW early.. a few months??? maybe its a case of Outsiders filling the Restaurant are valued above the caravanners and holiday people who pay the fees that keep the site going. we decided that we would leave earlier than we had when we booked, yes we lost some money as we had paid for the full term but hey, what price is disappointment...

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